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About Theomerla

Theomerla aims to establish communities which consist of low-impact housing where we work together to promote the principles of sustainability, biodiversity and environmentally conscious living.

The Theomerla idea was founded in 2009, but had been in our hearts for much longer. As of September 2015 we have now purchased a 16 acre farm in rural Sweden.

We are currently looking for like-minded individuals and families to join us. There is initially an opportunity for up to four families/individuals to join our growing community. Who will share in the running of the farm and various other community projects.

By joining together, building a community that supports each other and working together anything is possible.

Join us in realising this dream...

The Theomerla Eco Project

The Theomerla Eco Project has been designed to promote ecological living through eco villages established around the world utilising green technologies, sustainable energy and self sufficiency. Working with permaculture models, organic farming methods and biodiverse environments we hope to achieve a paradigm shift towards a more natural and Earth friendly future.

By becoming a shareholder in the Theomerla Eco Project you are helping to create a brighter future for generations to come.

The Theomerla Eco Villages

We help to establish eco villages around the world, our first village is currently being established in Sweden. We hope by showing that this way of life is achievable and sustainable, it will lead to more people following in our footsteps and even more villages will begin to appear, living by the principles of ecological conscious living.

The Theomerla Ethos

The ethos of our Eco Village Project is that of a democratic, open and inclusive group, with a positive community spirit and an ethical, honest and equal membership of caring individuals, who have made a conscious and responsible choice to live in an environmentally friendly way.

To educate and train future generations into a more ecological way of living.Participating in and arranging a wide variety of local, cultural and social community events, as well as producing artisan, organic produce, gifts and crafts, which will provide an autonomous economy to the village.

Visit our site to find out more http://theomerla.org

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  1. Hey There! :)

    A project like yours is exacly what I´m looking for.
    Are you still on it?
    Is there a possibility to contact you privately?

    I would love to hear from you.