Monday, 28 August 2017

Mushroom Hunting & Updates

It has been a long time since I wrote a blog post here, this summer has been so hectic here. We have had lots of guests staying in Elk Grove Cottage and have been kept very busy. Also there is some other news that I haven't yet mentioned, though some of you already know and might have seen the changes on the about us page. Andreas moved here as of January 2017 and as of June 2017 Graham no longer lives here, he decided to return to the UK. With all the changes taking place it has meant we needed time to settle back into some kind of routine. We decided to not have any volunteers stay here this summer, however Andreas and myself have been doing all kinds around the place.

A trip to Lake Värnen is only 10 minutes from here, so I took a few photos when we went there one summer evening.

Andreas has been doing some painting, he painted the outside of Elk Grove Cottage and some of the barn, he also painted some of the front of the house, he intends to do it all eventually. He also painted the decking outside the cottage. And also painted our front door purple and the bell silver, I made a star for the door and sprayed it silver and I also made a sign so people know to ring the bell at the door, some people thought that because it says "reception" that they can just walk in.

Today we went on a mushroom hunting trip, you can see all the photos of the mushrooms we found below. But before those here are some photos of a magical loo in the forest, just out there in the middle of no where, with an elf picture inside.

And here are the mushrooms.

That is all for now.

If you want to buy some special mushrooms from us please visit here.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Winter is here

Winter is here, but so far we don't have any snow. We had a light dusting at the beginning of November, but that went away after a few days when it got warmer again.

Theomerla in the first snow of the winter, November 2016.

Lake Vänern November 2016
Now we are waiting for the snow to return, hopefully we will have a white Yule.

So what have we been up to here at Theomerla?

Graham is currently decorating the double guest room, ready for next season and Tia has been making new craft items to sell in our online shop, eventually we will also have a small shop here at the farm, but for now anything made will be sold online and around the house.

Here are some of the newly made craft items.

These are available to purchase here.

Tomorrow we will be going out and looking for a self seeded tree to bring in and decorate for Yule. Last year we had a massive tree, this year we are going to look for something a bit smaller. We will post photographs.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Autumn is here

I love all the seasons for different reasons and here in the forest autumn is beautiful. The leaves are lovely colours and falling to the ground, when you go outside there is a wonderful autumn scent in the air that reminds me winter is not far away.

The days are shorter now, still sunny and inviting, but it is getting colder. This morning we had the first frost of the year, all the grass was white, it soon melted in the sun.

We currently have Paula from Germany staying here as a volunteer and she has been helping Graham get the leaves up.