Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Winter is here

Winter is here, but so far we don't have any snow. We had a light dusting at the beginning of November, but that went away after a few days when it got warmer again.

Theomerla in the first snow of the winter, November 2016.

Lake Vänern November 2016
Now we are waiting for the snow to return, hopefully we will have a white Yule.

So what have we been up to here at Theomerla?

Graham is currently decorating the double guest room, ready for next season and Tia has been making new craft items to sell in our online shop, eventually we will also have a small shop here at the farm, but for now anything made will be sold online and around the house.

Here are some of the newly made craft items.

These are available to purchase here.

Tomorrow we will be going out and looking for a self seeded tree to bring in and decorate for Yule. Last year we had a massive tree, this year we are going to look for something a bit smaller. We will post photographs.