Thursday, 7 January 2016

Fundraising Priority List

Every time you buy a share in Theomerla or make a donation you helping us get closer to our goals.

We have set up a priority list so you know exactly how your money is helping. When you come to visit you will be shown what work has been done and what items have been bought with the money you send.

  1. Guest House - Getting the guest house up and running is our first priority because as soon as it is usable we can rent it out and bring some money into the community that way.
  2. Bathroom - We want to get an extra toilet put in at the side of the house, this will mean that when people are working outside they don't have to walk through the house to go to the loo. It will also mean we have a loo and shower room for campers to use when they stay here, again without them having to come into the house. The door could be left unlocked much of the time as there will be an inner door to the house which will remain locked, this will make it ideal for campers who will need 24 hour access to these facilities. 
  3. Yurt - This will be good for doing retreats, it also means there is more room and two different classes could be happening at the same time. The farmhouse lounge is also used for ceremonies, meetings and workshops.
  4. Solar Panels - We want to get as many solar panels up as quickly as possible, this will reduce the electricity bills and free up more money for community projects.
  5. Tractor - At the moment the local farmer is looking after our fields, keeping them cut down and using the silage as payment for that. We want to put soft grass on the fields and set them up for camping, this would be near impossible without the help of a tractor and other farm equipment.

This information has also been added to the Theomerla web site on the fundraising page.

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